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Favre experiences some 'karma'


Those of you who have read my bio (what, you haven't?) know that I'm a Green Bay Packers fanatic. As such, there are two options for me in the Brett Favre sage: blame him, or blame the team. Ok, there is some gray middle ground, but for the most part there are two options. I'm generally on the "I hate Brett Favre he's a traitor and I fart in his general direction" side.

One of my main "reasoned" arguments against Favre is that while growing up in Wisconsin, I heard him talk about what a family man he was. For example, when he decided to retire, he claimed one of the reasons he was doing so was to spend more time with his wife and daughters. He must have gotten his fill in a couple months: the desire for family time didn't last long. I felt betrayed as a Packers fan, but that must have paled in comparison to the betrayal his family felt. It became clear to me that Favre cares more about himself than his family.

That idea was confirmed when word surfaced last week that Favre sent voicemails and lewd pictures to a New York Jets sideline reporter, apparently trying to entice her into an extramarital affair. I've watched and listened to Favre since I was a boy, I know what he sounds like. When I heard the reported voicemails, I had not doubt it was him. Selfish. Not a poster child for "family man."

So when I saw this video of Favre today, I chuckled and cringed. Chuckled because it seemed to be a cosmic payback for Favre's apparent attempts at infidelity. Cringed because no man can watch another take a shot where Favre does and not feel the pain.

For all you Packers fans and true family men:

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