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I Will Not': Rand Paul Refuses to Shake Opponents Hand, Launches Attack Ad


“I will not be associated with a man who attacks my religion.”

Rand Paul is furious over a recent attack ad by his Democratic opponent Jack Conway. So much so that he refused to shake his hand at a debate on Sunday, and has released a new spot calling Conway's ad "shameless," "disgraceful," and "gutter politics at its worst."

(See our original story and Conway's attack ad.)

Conway's ad is based on published reports from an anonymous woman who claims that Paul, while a member of a secret society at Baylor University, tied her up and told her to worship an idol called “Aqua Buddha.”

“We have serious problems in our country … and he’s descended into the gutter to attack my Christian beliefs,” said Paul at a debate last night.

But new video has surfaced showing that Paul was so upset he refused to shake Conway's hand after the debate:

(H/T: Gateway Pundit)

During his closing statements, Paul explained his decision:

When this debate ends you will notice that I will not be shaking [Conway's] hand tonight. I will not shake hands with someone who attacks my religion and attacks my Christian beliefs. These are something very personal to me, my wife, my kids, we take it very personally. And I will not be associated with someone who will attack my religion. This election will be about the future of America, who has the best vision. We will try to keep the debate on a higher tone. I hope you will leave my church, my family and my religion out of it.

Paul continued his assault on Conway's ad with an ad of his own on Monday, asking "What kind of shameful politician would sink this low to bear false witness against another man, just to win an election?":

"This man would," the ad says.

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