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Alan Grayson's New Goal: Win So I Can Tell Beck to 'Stick It


"Because you’ll feel really happy, making Glenn Beck feel sad."

Glenn Beck has made his disdain for Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) very clear. After the Congressman aired an ad blatantly misquoting and misrepresenting his opponent's stance on womens' rights, Beck relentlessly ridiculed the freshman Democratic, even joking at one point that he would drive down to Florida to encourage people to vote against him. But now Grayson's had enough, and he's firing back.

On Friday, Grayson launched the "Glenn Beck, Mind Your Own Business" campaign, which encourages supporters to contribute to a special fund with the same name.

"There has been an awful lot of talk lately about whether the Republicans will take over the U.S. House of Representatives," Grayson writes on his Facebook page. "It turns out that that’s not what’s on Glenn Beck’s mind. Amazingly, what’s on Glenn Beck’s mind is making sure that I get beat."

The latest polls show Grayson losing to his Republican challenger by seven points.

Those numbers make the rest of Grayson's message even more puzzling. After introducing the new anti-Beck drive, Grayson goes on to belittle himself in an attempt to show that he is so insignificant Beck shouldn't be targeting him:

I’m a Freshman Democrat, from a district that elected Republicans 17 times in a row. I’m not part of the Democratic Leadership. I’m not a committee chairman or a subcommittee chairman. I’m not a member of a powerful House committee, like Appropriations, or Ways and Means. So you wouldn’t think that I’d be at the top of anyone’s list of targets. But Glenn Beck really, really wants to see me lose.

So why does Grayson think he's drawn the ire of Beck and others? "Because I tell the truth. And for them, the truth hurts."

There was no mention of the controversial ad in his message.

He ends the post with an appeal to supporters to help him "stick it" to Beck:

I’d like to win on Tuesday. For the sake of the battered middle class in America, the jobless, the homeless, the sick, the poor, the hungry and the desperate. But I would also like to win so that I can tell Glenn Beck to stick it. So that we can all tell Glenn Beck to stick it.

Please contribute to our campaign today, the “Glenn Beck MYOB Fund." Because you’ll feel really happy, making Glenn Beck feel sad.


Alan Grayson

Pundit Press gets a kick out of the post and Grayson:

Clearly, Grayson absolutely loves the attention of saying insane things and trying to pick fights with people more famous, more popular, and less insane than him.  This is simply another example of a person who is a Congressman, but has no decency or sense of boundaries.
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