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Listen: Ryan Seacrest Interviews President Obama


"As president, you're called much worse than 'dude.'"

On Tuesday, President Obama made the radio rounds in a last-ditch effort to get out the vote. He offered one interview to American Idol and "On Air" radio host Ryan Seacrest. So far, the reviews of that interview haven't been great.

Emily Yahr at the Washington Post said that while Seacrest "sounded very serious, he also sounded utterly bored with the sound of his own voice" while asking the president serious questions about the economy and immigration. However, he "perked up" when "he got to The Fun Stuff: Such as, what did Malia and Sasha dress up as for Halloween?!"

The consensus seems to be that Seacrest took it easy on Obama. According to The Week and the blog Zap2It, while the interview succeeded in allowing Obama to trumpet his platform and get-out-the-vote rhetoric, it quickly degenerated into a conversation about the president's children and dating techniques:

Obama loosened up some when Seacrest asked about how he and first lady Michelle Obama try to keep a sense of normalcy for daughters Malia and Sasha ("The girls are thriving") and whether he was offended when Jon Stewart called him "dude" on "The Daily Show" last week.

"Of course not," Obama replied. "As president, you're called much worse than 'dude.'"

Seacrest closed the interview by asking if -- as depicted in the movie "The American President" -- it's really that hard for the president to order flowers. Turns out writer Aaron Sorkin kind of made that up.

"The truth is, I get to keep my credit cards, and if I want to go to the florist I could order some flowers and pay for them," Obama said. "[Although] it's true that if I tried to order them by phone, they might not believe me."

Having his own means to buy flowers and plan dates is key with his wife, he added: "If she thinks someone else did all the work, then I wouldn't get all the credit."

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