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Woman Goes on Racist Rant, Allegedly Hits Postman Over Mail Delivery

CONTENT WARNING: Includes graphic and offensive language.

A woman's racist, angry rant directed at a postal worker in Hingham, Mass. was caught on video. The twist? A man claiming to be the mailman says he was fired over it.

Here's how Gawker sets up the clip:

The argument in the video is sparked by a certified letter that the mail carrier delivers. The woman has signed for it, but decides she doesn't want it because it's addressed to her husband, not her. But the mail guy won't take it back. Things go sour when she calls him a "Fu***** [n*****] thief." She quickly qualifies: "I'm not prejudiced but right now I'm getting real pissed off." Then everything she says afterward is so racist it would make George Wallace blush. Finally she slaps him. Just your normal day on the mail route. Except really, really racist.

The woman goes on to shout "you killed Martin Luther King; you n****** turn on each other!"

The incident, posted on YouTube in two parts, includes a description from the poster, who insinuates he is the mailman and that he was punished for the incident:

This woman is outrageous -- I am still waiting for US Postal Inspection Service to investigate this matter. it has been a year since postmaster fired me for this racist lady, and Hingham court let her go free, no trial.

This will be hard to watch for some. It includes graphic, offensive language. Needless to say, CONTENT WARNING:

Part 1 (where the woman says white people will kill the carrier for not doing what she says):

Part 2 (where she allegedly slaps the man and says blacks have lower IQs):

On the postal carrier blog PostalReporter News blog, commenters have weighed in. One named "simple simonds," who says he is a mail carrier himself, had this to say (typos and misspellings his):

what an idot, she did not open the letter, take it back, scan refused, what a dumb a**

this carrier upset the customer by not providing customer service. As a carrier myself this happens many times, this is what gives the Post Office a bad name, he asked to be called names, he should be fired for acting like and idiot.

To which "too simple" responds: "Ah, yes, being fired for acting like “and idiot”. Tou and ché, genious."

Another named "also a postal worker" adds that the woman had another option:

The carrier did not have to take this back. She signed for it and it is hers. If she doesnt want it, she can write refused on it and drop it back in the mail. End of discussion.

And "samiam" believes that while the postal worker did not deserve the rant, he is uninformed (typos his):

There’s no reason that he shouldn’t have taken the letter back. She can still refuse it after she signed for it. Dropping in a collection box or handing it back to a carrier are basically the same thing. Actually, if something is refused it’s better to just turn it back over to your carrier rather than dumping it in a collection box. I can’t believe how uninformed and untrained some of our postal workers are. With that said, he should have calied 911 long before she slapped him. I don’t see how he got fired for this, but it should have never got to this point in the first place. Take it back and say, “have a nice day lady”. What the hell difference does it make to him?
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