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Parental Nightmare: TSA Security Checks for Children


A video making the rounds online today purportedly shows another incident involving the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) clashing with air passengers as a three-year-old girl screams as she's patted down, "Stop touching me!"

Though the video seems to have made a surge on the internet today, it was actually captured on cell phone video by a local news reporter in 2008. The young girl seen being patted down (not with the back of an agent's hand, mind you) is the reporter's daughter:

Like I said, while the video is troubling, it's a little dated.  Regardless, the protection of children like the reporter's daughter is one key factor driving public objections to the TSA's new security screening procedures. Is it appropriate for young children's near-naked images to be captured by a "scatterback" full-body scan? Or if a parent refuses to subject their children to the scan, is it really okay for an adult stranger to put their hands on children?

On top of all of this, an image captured in the Indianapolis International Airport suggests that while some parents are taking these new invasive procedures, some security professionals are getting a laugh out of it. Via Gizmodo:

This picture shows a computer desktop's image at one security checkpoint in Indianapolis.  Here's the desktop image:

What kind of sick person thinks "My First Cavity Search" is funny?  The sad answer is that it's apparently someone who works for the TSA.

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