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Flashback: When 'Job Creation' Involved 'Universal Child Care' and 'Sitting Home and Eating Bon-Bons


"we don't care"

Trevor Loudon over at NZ Patriot brings us this classic, possibly prophetic, 1997 clip from the National Jobs for All Coalition (which he cites as a "front for the Democratic Socialists of America") conference.

In the clip, panelist Heidi Hartmann talks about how people at the time were starting to talk about universal health care as well as universal child care. We are very familiar with the health care arguments, but what arguments were they using for universal child care?

"...That in itself could be viewed as a job creation plan," Hartmann said. In a nutshell the argument is jobs. But what comes before the ellipses is even more shocking. The "that" she's referring to is this:

"Whether you're working or not you would have access to child care, you could use it to go to school, you could use it to sit home, eat bon-bons and watch TV, we don't care. That in itself could be viewed as a job creation plan."

"Wouldn't that solve all of America's problems?" Loudon asks.

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