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Professor to Students: 'Blood Will be on Your Hands' if You Don't Fight Global Warming


"Sit on your tuffets and screw the kids."

Via Right Scoop, a chilling video of one LSU educator flying off the handle over global warming, set to equally ominous music:

“They claim the US should do nothing for global warming. You want to sit on your tuffets and screw the kids... Hey, India and Pakistan both have bombs and they’ll both know that global warming is caused by, the whole world of which the US is one of the leading groups... You think, you know, fifty years from now they might want to send a couple nukes our way?”

In other news from the country's college campuses via Campus Reform, one Middlebury College professor took to the Chronicle for Higher Education Sunday with an open plea to God to smite Sen. Jim DeMint and the Family Research Council, "Because God, really, things are getting quite grim and hopeless down here.  And we need a scandal."

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