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Down With Upton


FreedomWorks has a new campaign against spending-addicted Fred Upton:

  • Upton was one of only 38 House Republicans to support the Democrats’ Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009 that removed millions of acres of federal lands from oil and gas leasing, thus driving up energy costs for consumers.
  • Upton was one of only 20 Republicans to vote against an amendment that would have reduced the Environmental Protection Agency’s 2010 funding to 2008 levels.
  • Upton teamed up with Democrat Jane Harman to pass an invasive energy bill which mandates that only politically-favored “environmentally-friendly” light bulbs be used. That’s right, this guy thinks the Constitution gives him the power to tell you which light bulb you can use.
  • You asked for it! A much, much longer list of Upton’s many, many votes for bigger and more intrusive government.

The organization is organizing a petition against the Rep. The entire campaign is called "Down With Upton."

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