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Communists Cry 'Yes We Can' in Spanish at Anti-Capitalism Rally


"Si se Puede!"

The video is telling.

At a recent communist rally in New York City, the Workers World Party called for the end of capitalism and the freeing of terrorists, murderers, and Cuban spies. As if that wasn't incredible enough, the speaker ended her rant with "si se puede" -- "yes we can" in Spanish. Not only was that the mantra of the Obama campaign, but it was also the slogan of communist revolutionary Cesar Chavez.

Trevor Loudon over at NZ Patriot has more:

Watch WWP operative Teresa Gutierrez call for freedom for terrorist lawyer Lynne Stewart (now serving 10 years in prison for illegally assisting Islamic terrorist clients), Leonard Peltier (who killed two FBI agents), and five Cuban spies in prison in the U.S.

You may remember Workers World from our post on the young American communist applauding French unrest.

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