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NY Man Jumps on Subway Tracks to Save Stranger, Get to Work on Time


"If he gets hit, I can't go to work."

On Monday morning, New Yorkers awoke to the news of a new town hero. Just one day earlier, 36-year-old Carlos Flores was waiting for his downtown 6 train to take him to work when the grocery store clerk noticed a man who fainted sprawled over the tracks. As the clock counted down the 3 minutes until the next train was due to arrive, Flores said he jumped down onto the tracks and dragged the 220-pound man to safety.

Flores says that he didn't want to see anyone get hurt, but also admits that he also didn't want the train to be delayed as he made his way to work. "I was thinking, if he gets hit I can't go to work," Flores told the Daily News. "It's Sunday. I can't miss out. It's time-and-a-half day," he said. His job at a NoHo grocery store nets him $19/hour on Sundays.

Flores didn't stick around to be thanked or congratulated on his good deed, however. Once the anonymous stranger was safe on the platform and the 6 train arrived, he hopped on and headed downtown. "I couldn't stay. I had to go to work," he said. "Christmas is around the corner. You need these time-and-a-half days."

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