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Jon Stewart: Obama 'Losing Patience' With Americans' 'Inconsistent Irrationality


Jon Stewart wants you to know that your "inconsistent irrationality" is starting to annoy the president.

In a half joking, half serious segment on his show Thursday, Stewart pointed out what he thinks are contradictions in America and the press corp when it comes to critiques of Obama. He then invited a "guest" on to talk about how Obama's approval ratings of the American people are declining.

While you have to recognize that much of this is jest, the underlying point is one that the administration and many liberals hold true: the American people -- including his supporters -- just aren't grateful enough for what Barack Obama has done for them, or worse, just don't understand what he's done for them. In sum, Americans are a bunch of ungrateful, dumb plebs. Offended? You're not alone. Even Keith Olbermann has started to pick up on how demeaning that view is.

Here's the segment:

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