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Mother, Health Group Sue McDonald's for 'Baiting' Kids With Happy Meal Toys


"we have to say ‘no’ to our young children so many times"

PORTLAND, Ore. (The Blaze/AP) — A California mother and The Center for Science in the Public Interest have sued McDonald's Corp. trying to get the fast-food chain to stop using toys to market meals to young children.

The lawsuit was filed in California Superior Court in San Francisco on Wednesday morning by the center and Monet Parham.

They claim McDonald's decision to markets its meals directly to young children violates several consumer protection laws because it exploits a child's vulnerability.

A statement on the center's website says McDonald's is using toys to "bait" kids, and Parham blames McDonald's for making it hard to tell her child "no":

“I am concerned about the health of my children and feel that McDonald’s should be a very limited part of their diet and their childhood experience,” Parham said. “But as other busy, working moms and dads know, we have to say ‘no’ to our young children so many times, and McDonald’s makes that so much harder to do. I object to the fact that McDonald’s is getting into my kids’ heads without my permission and actually changing what my kids want to eat.”

McDonald's is facing increased scrutiny for the practice. San Francisco recently became the first city to prohibit fast-food restaurants from including toys with children's meals that don't met nutritional guidlines. A similiar ordinance was passed Santa Clara County.

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