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Freed Detainee Claims Jewish Interrogators Practiced Witchcraft at Gitmo


"He began to urinate into the milk."

Walid Muhammad Hajj, a man who had been detained at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility for several years before being transferred back to his native Sudan in 2008, sat down with Al Jazeera earlier this month to give an exclusive account of what transpired during his captivity. But unlike other former detainees who told questionable stories about torture and abuse, Hajj claimed Gitmo interrogators -- Jewish interrogators, according to his account -- used witchcraft to get him to talk.

“The most common method to wear down the brothers was witchcraft,” Hajj told Al Jazeera. “There were, of course, Jews among the [staff of] the Guantanamo base, and they would set traps for the guys.” Hajj explained, “Witchcraft was used on most of the guys.”

Hajj was asked to give examples of how this supposed Jewish sorcery worked.  One detainee urinated in his milk because of a Jewish spell, Hajj said. (click here to view the video)

Walid Muhammad Hajj: I remembered an incident with a guy who sat next to me in the morning. When they brought the milk, he began to urinate into the milk."

Interviewer: "In front of you?"

Walid Muhammad Hajj: "Yes. I said to him: 'Why are you urinating in the milk?' That's when we knew that he was under a spell. After he had recovered a little, after we read Koranic verses to him, he said to me: 'The birds on the barbed wire would talk to me, and tell me to urinate in the milk. When the guards pass by my cell, the sound made by their pants talks to me.'"

Interviewer: "They tell him to urinate in the milk?"

Walid Muhammad Hajj: "Yes." [...]

The former detainee also claimed that supposed Jewish witchcraft spells made him feel that a cat was trying to "penetrate" him.

Interviewer: Did they ever use witchcraft on you?

Walid Muhammad Hajj: There was one attempt.

Interviewer: How did they do it?

Walid Muhammad Hajj: Once, when I was sleeping – on the floor, not on a bed – I suddenly felt that a cat was trying to penetrate me. It tried to penetrate me again and again. I recited the kursi verse again and again until the cat left.

Interviewer: But there wasn't really any cat there?

Walid Muhammad Hajj: Absolutely not.

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