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Woman Comes to Life While Being Prepared for Burial...Then 'Dies' Again


"We are happy to know my mother is alive and unhappy with the lack of respect due her."

A Brazilian undertaker got the surprise of his life when he noticed a woman who was declared dead and being prepared for burial was actually breathing and moving.

The London Telegraph reports:

Maria das Dores was a few hours from being buried alive when an official noticed she was still breathing.

Doctors declared her dead on Dec 22 after noticing she had no vital signs.

The 88-year-old was rushed back to the same hospital who had earlier declared her dead.

She had been brought to the hospital in the town of Ipatinga suffering from blocked arteries. She also suffered from Alzheimer's and was bedridden.

Officials in Brazil have now launched an investigation into how medical chiefs failed to realise the woman was alive and not dead when they sent her body for burial.

"We are happy to know my mother is alive and unhappy with the lack of respect due her," the family told the Telegraph. Das Dores is now recovering in the intensive care unit. The family is considering a lawsuit against the hospital.



The woman has now "officially" passed away...again:

First she died, then she didn’t. Now, sadly, she has, again.

As 88-year-old Maria das Dores da Conceição’s body was being readied for burial, funeral parlour staff noticed her twitch.

And though hospital doctors in Ipatinga, Brazil, signed her death certificate citing clogged arteries and hypertension, they have ashamedly admitted Mrs Conceicao was very much alive.

Maria Das Dores was spotted breathing and moving in her coffin at a funeral parlour and was promptly rushed back to a hospital, where she has again been declared dead.

But just a day after being rushed back to an intensive care ward, still in her coffin, she has died, again.

Doctors gave her emergency treatment while still in her coffin at the same time as her funeral was due to be held on Christmas Day.

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