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GOP Sen. Paul Calls for Spending Cuts to Every 'Major' Bill


"government is broken and really needs serious reform"

GOP Sen-elect Rand Paul (KY) isn't backing down from the fiscally conservative platform that got him elected. On Monday, he called for spending cuts to be attached to every major bill, a move meant to chip away at the nation's ballooning deficit.

"I think that every piece of major legislation that goes forward from now on needs to have attached to it spending cuts," Paul said during a podcast with conservative blogger Ben Domenech. If Congress is serious about corralling runaway spending and deficits, "We have to be serious and introduce spending cuts."

Paul vowed to seek cuts at every corner during his time in the Senate: "That's one thing that I will do when I am there, is introduce it at every opportunity and we will have votes on it."

The Kentucky politician has been outspoken about his dedication to spending cuts. He praised his fellow Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for leading the charge against the omnibus spending bill.

"I'm encouraged by the stand on the omnibus bill and I think that showed a united Republican front, essentially," he said. He also said he's not interested in parading his name on major pieces of legislation, but rather wants to fulfill the job his constituents sent him to do -- mainly cutting spending and shrinking government.

"I want to be part of the reform movement that the Tea Party is on a national stage. I'm not there and interested in passing one bill that has my name on it," he said. "I'm there and interested because I think government is broken and really needs serious reform."

(H/T: The Hill)

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