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Aggressive Sharks Pose New Danger for Australian Flood Victims


A new horror for the unfortunate victims of Australia's widespread flooding (a submerged area the size of France and Germany combined) is news that several dangerous creatures are floating in the waters around them.  Officials are warning residents of Brisbane, the country's second-largest city, to avoid venturing into the flood waters as aggressive bull sharks have been spotted swimming through the streets.

One man now camped out on his rooftop told BBC News that he watched as one swam past his home Friday. "It was a bull shark and it was spotted in a local suburban street," Rob Minshull said. "We do have sharks in the Brisbane River; they have obviously come over the flood barriers and come looking for food."

A local butcher spotted two sharks swimming near his local shop in Goodna and another pair of bull sharks were spotted swimming past a local McDonald's restaurant.

The sharks apparently ventured several kilometers from the river, the Queensland Times reported.

Bull sharks are the third most likely shark to attack a human being. They are noted for their aggressive behaviour and often swim in shallow waters along coasts and rivers. ...

Goodna was awash with water eight metres deep during the past 48 hours. The water receded dramatically overnight.

Police evacuated people from a large area of Goodna as large quantities of flammable gas spewed into the air yesterday.

Police said significant amounts of fuel had leaked into floodwaters from ruptured underground storage tanks at petrol stations near the St Ives shopping centre.
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