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Giffords' Husband Details Rep's Recovery to Diane Sawyer: She Gave Me a Neck Rub


"[S]he spent 10 minutes giving me a neck rub..."

In an exclusive interview with Diane Sawyer, Mark Kelly -- the husband of recovering Rep. Gabrielle Giffords -- said the congresswoman is making remarkable progress and his strong enough to reach over and give Kelly a neck rub. He also said that he does not hold the parents of suspected gunman Jared Loughner responsible for the young man's actions and is open to meeting with them:

The interview, which will air in full on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET, features a candid Kelly, who said he's been by his wife's side almost non-stop since the shooting last Saturday.

"Gabby's got a long road ahead of her," he told Sawyer. "We know that, the recovery from these kind of injuries isn't measured in days and weeks. It's more like weeks and months. And so she's got a long, tough road ahead of her. But, you know, she's a really, really tough woman."

And while it may indeed be a long road, the journey is becoming more bearable and promising by the day, as evidenced by a story Kelly told regarding a selfless, loving act by Giffords.

Kelly said that on Sunday, Giffords reached out and gave him a 10-minute neck rub.

"[It is] so typical of her. She's in the ICU. You know, gone through this traumatic injury. And she spent 10 minutes giving me a neck massage," Kelly explained. "I keep tellin' her. I'm like, 'Gabby, you're in the ICU. You know, you don't need -- you know, you don't need to be doin' this.' But it's so typical of her that no matter how bad the situation might be for her, you know, she's lookin' out for other people."

"I just stayed there because it seemed to comfort her. You know, when somebody needs to be doing that for her or needs to be doing something for her, you know, she was doing that for me," he added.

Giffords and Kelly weren't the only ones being comforted. Kelly also had kind words for Loughner's parents, and admitted that he would be willing to meet with them.

"I'd probably see them. You know, I don't think it's their fault. It's not the parents fault. You know, I'd like to think I'm a person that's, you know, somewhat forgiving. And, I mean, they've got to be hurting in this situation as much as much as anybody," Kelly told Sawyer.

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