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Egyptians Love The Social Network Too


So, you know, Egypt is kind of on fire at the moment. There's rioting, tear gas and mobs of people who think 29.3 years of Hosni Mubarak is quite enough, thank you very much. They've been organizing like crazy on Facebook and Twitter. They're outwitting the police, growing in number, and are without a doubt freaking out every other tyrant in the neighborhood with all this freedom and democracy talk.

This uprising follows right on the footsteps of Tunisia booting Ben Ali off-premises. And you'd think, you know, that we might be really, really interested in this because it's not every day that the Arab street revolts against their dictators. In fact, it's almost never (Mubarak and Reagan took office the same year). In other words: This is all pretty darn newsworthy.

But these people made the terrible decision to foment revolution on Oscar Nomination Day!

Currently the best source of news on the topic is Twitter, hashtags #Egypt and #Jan25

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