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I Propose Banning Moronic Bans


21 year-old Jason King was killed last month when he was struck by a truck while crossing the street - apparently distracted by his iPod. This is tragic for his friends and family, no doubt, and unfortunate altogether. But to Brooklyn Senator Karl Kruger it's more than that. King's unfortunate demise and the rocket scientist who recently texted herself into a water fountain are no less than an urgent call to action!

According to the story:

Kruger is looking to ban things like cell phones and iPods for pedestrians crossing the street.

“We have people who are literally dying in the street,” Kruger said.

Yes, yes! Literally dying in the street. Not figuratively dying but literally dying. So, not only does Kruger propose incredibly stupid legislation, he incorrectly uses the word literally for emphasis. Double suck!

Even King's former work colleague disagreed with Kruger's daft, nanny-state endeavor to ban "distracted walking." Like Kruger, he also used painful English:

“I mean I, myself, I walk around in the street hearing music because I don’t want to hear nobody around me or nothing,” Medina said.

So, even he knows it's dumb. And it's not like the NYPD doesn't have better things to do than bust us for checking voicemail on a crosswalk. Personally, I'm just smart enough to know that I'm clumsy and distracted already - so I tend to pay attention when crossing a crosswalk in a city full of people who can't drive.

Kruger was not the first elected official to come up with a knee-jerk, half-wit, largely unenforceable, paper-wasting, ludicrous, meddling, vapid, twittish legal response to this dread, largely fabricated plague of distracted iPod Zombies:

An Arkansas lawmaker who had proposed a similar bill dropped it Monday. He said he didn’t think it had a chance of passing, but had brought needed attention to the issue.

Yes, yes, he brought needed attention to the issue. Of stupid legislation. At what point will our political intelligentsia accept that you can't legislate common sense? Come on Kruger. You can't do it. You literally can't!

via CBS New York.

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