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Survey: France More Anti-Capitalist Than Communist China?


One-third of French people think capitalism should be scrapped.

According to a new survey published Wednesday in La Croix newspaper, 33 percent of French citizens believe it's time to abandon the capitalist system -- a proportion higher than any of the other 10 countries surveyed, including Communist China.

Reuters reports:

In China, which is ruled by the Communist Party but has embraced its own brand of capitalism, just 3 percent of those questioned thought that the market system was working badly. China posted economic growth of more than 10 percent last year.

Some 65 percent of the Chinese surveyed said the current system was working well and should not be changed, the highest percentage in the poll, followed by Australia with 63 percent, Brazil with 57 and the United States with 55 percent.

The survey, conducted between Dec. 8 and 23 from some 600 respondents in each country, also showed that the Chinese were the most convinced that wider international trade was in their interest, with 90 percent answering "yes".

The United States was the most negative about the impact of expanding international trade on their economy, with just 39 percent of those surveyed in favour of it.

According to another poll released earlier this month, the French were more negative about their country's economic prospects than even Afghanistan and Iraq.

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