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Welcome to my home...snowstorm edition


I thought some of you might enjoy seeing pictures of the NYC snowstorm, as captured at my apartment. Current snow totals for my area are anywhere from 17-19 inches.

When I opened my door this morning to make sure the sanitation department hadn't accidentally plowed my street, I was greeted by a wall of snow:

And then I was stupid enough to walk out with no shoes on and noticed that there was so much snow my gate wouldn't open. I'm chalking it up to a sanitation department conspiracy since I yelled at them for not picking up the trash for four weeks during the last storm:

Yes, there are cars there somewhere:

When I realized there was no way I was going anywhere today, I went to my backyard to try and clear my satellite dish, which had so much snow built up that I couldn't get my morning fix of Sportscenter. However, when I trekked out -- this time in boots, but wearing my sleeping shorts -- I quickly was swallowed up in hip-high snow. My little dog tried to follow me out but literally got stuck:

Still, I guess we get some pretty pictures as a result of this horrible, cursed, reprehensible white stuff:

I'm just waiting to hear the sound of branches snapping. Is it spring yet?

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