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Massachusetts burned by ‘sexy’ solar company


The 'green economy' has claimed another victim: the state of Massachusetts.

Hundreds of employees of a solar panel factory in Massachusetts are looking for new jobs after the company announced that it's moving the plant to China.

I'm shocked, SHOCKED that a company has failed and abandoned the oh-so business friendly state of Massachusetts. But seriously, how could this possibly happen? After all, they got 'millions of dollars in fringe benefits, from tax breaks to free rent and cash grants' as incentives to set up shop in Massachusetts.

ANSWER: They ran out of money from the government.  Things like solar panels cost far too much and do too little. Anyone who does buy a solar panel now is doing so because it makes them feel good, not because it makes economic sense. So, they got their grants and free office - and nothing happened.

But the state (and they are not alone) still haven't learned their lesson - look a how they will make sure this never happens ever again:

The problem may be that the manufacturer didn't get enough assistance at the federal level:  "I like the idea of the state supporting an industry such as this," he says. "But maybe there needs to be more federal support to help a company be successful."

If they only had MORE government money everything would be fine and dandy! Unbelievable.

The push for going green has happened too early and the results have been ugly. Spain, who bet the farm on a green economy, just announced it's sparkling new 20.33% unemployment rate. I'm not sure how Massachusetts or anyone else can NOT notice the fact that 'green' is failing everywhere, but they haven't:

"the state was seduced by the lure of a sexy new industry"

If by 'sexy' they mean Helen Thomas in a thong, then that is an accurate statement. Someday green energy may live up to it's potential, and when that day comes we'll all happily drive around in our hemp powered vehicles.

Today is just not that day.

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