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Politico Editor Warns, Rep. Bachmann Will 'Punish You


Be afraid, be very afraid.  Michele Bachman is watching and possibly TERRORIZING people!

The diminutive Congresswoman from Minnesota's 6th district has fast ascended to Public Enemy #1 at MSNBC with Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, Lawrence O'Donnell and Rachel Maddow all devoting significant programming time to Bachmann Bashing each and every day.  And the Friday morning edition of Morning Joe featured a visit with Politico's Editor In Chief John Harris who at the outset was asked by Mika Brzezinski;

"We'll start with Michele Bachmann and people feeling a sense of terror?  What's going on?"

In the recent election cycle, Michele Bachmann did demonstrate a remarkable ability to attract donations totally over $13 million dollars.  The one constant in most of the attacks on Bachmann is a mention of her ability to raise money.  Why?

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