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Dallas Super Bowl Stripper Shortage May Be a Crock


The initial reports seemed ominous:

TMZ.com reported that some strip clubs surrounding Cowboys Stadium are looking for an additional 10,000 girls to entertain the overwhelming crowds expected during the Packers-Steelers matchup.

According to the website, Arlington city officials are expecting 300,000 visitors over Super Bowl weekend.

John Walsh, the manager of one local strip club, Showtime Cabaret, told the website he's looking for another 100-120 dancers that week.

They even talked about it on CNN:

But ESPN is appropriately skeptical:

First, do the math: the Super Bowl is expected to draw about 150,000 outside visitors. Business boom for all, right? Not so fast. Academic economists claim visitor spending predictions of $200-$600 million are wildly inflated. Only half of the region's 90,000 hotel rooms are expected to be occupied during the four-night peak period around the game. And even if some Green Bay and Pittsburgh fans show up with cash-stuffed garbage bags in hand, ready to make it rain harder than a Category Five hurricane, is the Dallas area really going to need one extra stripper for every 15 visitors, a ratio to shame exclusive private school classrooms?

We think not.

Safe bet? Troy Polamalu won't be anywhere around.

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