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Beck Announces S.E. Cupp Will Join Radio Team as Host of New Show


"I like to go hunting, I like to go fishing. I love meat and meat products."

For the last month, Glenn Beck has been tight-lipped about who the host of a new fifth hour of his radio show will be. Today, he announced who will be behind the mic -- conservative female commentator S.E. Cupp.

The extra hour of radio will be called "S.E. Cupp" on Beck's exclusive "Insider Extreme," which already airs a TV-like version of his three-hour radio program and an extra hour featuring his co-hosts Pat and Stu.

Beck invited Cupp on radio this morning to make the announcement, and playful banter ensued, with Cupp dishing sarcastic jabs as Beck joked about her love of hunting and fishing. Also revealed during the segment -- both Beck and Cupp are NASCAR fans:

Beck's company, Mercury Radio Arts, announced last week that Cupp was joining the team, however it did not specify what her role would be.

Cupp's show debuts on Tuesday, February 8 at 1 pm ET and will be available to paid subscribers at GlennBeck.com/SECupp.

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