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Things You Shouldn't Do On Twitter


CNN reporter Lisa Desjardins sent out this tweet:

Which House Speaker Boehner, or his Twittersistant "modified" to this:

Anyone familiar with the laws of Twitterland, specifically with regard to re-tweeting (RT) and modified-tweeting (MT) will understand this to be more than a wee bit shady.  Especially when it's a journalist who would likely never want to take such a position on a news item they were reporting - for fear of damaging his or her credibility. There's already enough bad/misleading/false/insane information out there in cyberspace, no need to be adding to it, no matter how strongly you feel about the issue. It was unfair to Desjardins, and Speaker Boehner should be above it.

I have called for Hosni Mubarak to disconnect the Speaker from the Internet until he apologizes, but I would like to congratulate him on the new Twitter avatar because the old one looked like he was lecturing me about leaving the lights on:

via @pourmecoffee

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