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Unfair Tease? CNN Ties George W. Bush to Attempted Mosque Bomber


"Who is this guy?"

CNN teased a story this afternoon, just before 3:30pm Eastern.

The anchor, Brooke Baldwin actually said this;

"Police say an America wanted to blow up one of the country's biggest mosques and he got very very close, frighteningly close.  Who is this guy and why is President George W. Bush part of his past?"

Of course I had heard/read about the 63yr old California man who was arrested in Michigan this past weekend after bragging about his plans to blow up a local mosque and getting caught with a car trunk full of M-80s that could have caused a great deal of damage and possibly inflicted serious injury and death.

From all reports, the suspect Roger Stockham was an anti-government nut job who had driven from California to Michigan with evil intentions.  Most reports had not mentioned that President George W. Bush was (as CNN promoted) "part of his past."  Yahoo.com covered the story and did not even mention the former President.

At the tail end of CNN's report we finally were told that Stockham has a long criminal record that included child stealing, threatening to blow up a veterans center as well as an arrest for threatening to kill President Bush. Watching the original tease from earlier in the hour, you might be lead to believe that this would-be bomber was another of the virtually non-existent domestic terrorists with close ties to the GOP.

If  anyone from CNN happens to visit this page , THIS is how it's done.

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