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Re: Super Bowl throwdown


It's on, like Donkey Kong, Scott.

Now that I have relocated to Packer central, a.k.a the Seidl Family Super Bowl Extravaganza and Victory Party in snowy Wisconsin, I can finally accept your offer. Sort of.

After telling my wife that I would be accepting the bet, who then instantly went out and lit a few candles, put a lot extra in the offering plate, and has been fasting for the last 24 hours so that the beard will stay, she brought up a good point: me shaving for a week is a lot more drastic than you not shaving for a week.

So here's what I say: I see your one-week bet and raise you a two week...but just for you. If the Packers win, you have to not shave for 14 days. I think you'll find it's actually quit liberating (although I would die for video of you getting through the "itchy" period). I haven't shaved since the Packers started in the playoffs -- I'm a little superstitious when it comes to things like that -- and have even burned my razors. But yes, I have showered.

So what do you say?

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