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Why is Rachel Maddow Raving About the Packers Being 'Awesome'?


"In some cities, fans throw things at the players, in Green Bay the players throw themselves at the fans."

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow may be liberal pundit who likes to fill her time bashing Glenn Beck, but that didn't stop her on Friday from digressing into Super Bowl coverage and raving about the Green Bay Packers -- with of course a slightly anti-capitalist bent.

Maddow, who's an admitted New England Patriots fan, retold the rich history of the Green Bay Packers, explained how (and why) the Packers are the only team to be owned by their fans, and credited the team (correctly) with inventing the touchdown celebration tradition of jumping into the stands. That led to the conclusion that the Packers are "kind of awesome" and "really cool."

"In some cities, fans throw things at the players," she said, "in Green Bay the players throw themselves at the fans."

Granted, she manged to work in some anti-capitalist undertones about rich teams and owners, which for some may overshadow the segment. But she should at least be credited for covering the truly remarkable story of the Green Bay Packers:*

*Full disclosure: I am a Packers fanatic. Read more about the Super Bowl bet between me and Scott Baker over on the blog.

(H/T: SportsGrid)

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