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Another Day, Another Fake Sarah Palin Story Published by Careless Media


On Wednesday, The Blaze's Mike Opelka pointed out how Us Weekly published a fabricated story about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin originally written for a satirical website. The false report quoted Palin bashing pop singer Christina Aguilera as an "airhead diva" who, as a "Latin princess" shouldn't be allowed to perform on television.

The gossip magazine almost immediately removed the story from their site, but on Thursday, Time magazine pushed the exact same story. In linking to the satirical report -- posted on the website of Keith Olbermann's new employer, Al Gore's Current TV -- Time joked that Palin wanted to "deport" Aguilera for her botched Super Bowl performance.


Gossip Cop caught the flub:

In a post about Conan O’Brien making fun of Aguilera, Time casually observes, “And you thought Sarah Palin went overboard by commenting that she wanted to deport the singer?”

Sure enough, Time links to the spoof Palin-Hannity “interview” but fails to get that it’s a joke.


Maybe the next time Time makes fun of someone else’s “blunder” in a headline, they should be a little more careful with the facts.

Unlike Us Weekly, however, Time still had the story up at press time.

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