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Class War is Here': Video of Socialists Rallying in Wis. Supports Beck's Theory


"workers unite"

Recently, Glenn Beck has been predicting that socialists would seize on the unrest in Egypt in order to promote revolution in the United States. There may be no better proof of that than the video below, shot by the MacIver Institute in Madison, WI this week.

In it, Socialists clearly root for revolution, see a direct correlation between the riots in Egypt and the unrest in Wisconsin, and hope that the same thing that happened in Egypt can happen in America.

"I feel like this response actually partly reflects that we just spent a month watching people hold revolutions and stand up in a way, frankly, I didn't imagine was possible in the near term," one woman says. "And I think...that kernel of resistance and defiance is the common thread here and I'm so glad to be a part of it."

Another man announces an upcoming event, "From Cairo to Madison," and explains attendees will get instruction on how to "mobilize workers like they did in Egypt." He adds, "hopefully we can have something like that here," and "workers unite":

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