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Communist Protester in Wis.: ‘People Are Open’ to a ‘Revolutionary Movement’

Communist Protester in Wis.: ‘People Are Open’ to a ‘Revolutionary Movement’

"...building a movement for revolution."

Yesterday we brought you video of socialists openly rallying in Madison, WI and trying to recruit new members. Today, we show you that the communists are joining the fray too.

Once again, the MacIver Institute was down at the Capitol capturing video of those flocking to the protests in Wisconsin. This time, videographer Bill Osmuski caught up with some admitted revolutionaries from Chicago who came up to try and spread their message, and told Osmuski they definitely think "people are open to the possibilities of building a revolutionary movement."

What did the communists cite as evidence? If you said "Egypt" and the unrest "around the world," you're right:

The group's website explains more about its leader:

Bob Avakian is the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA. And he is more than that: he's an innovative and critical thinker who has taken Marxism to a new place; he's a provocative commentator on everything from basketball to religion, doo-wop music to science and he's a pit-bull fighter against oppression who's kept both his solemn sense of purpose and his irrepressible sense of humor.

He's the author of "Revolution: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What It's All About."

The group, which appears to be different from the Communist Party USA, has three guiding principles:

1) The whole system we now live under is based on exploitation—here and all over the world. It is completely worthless and no basic change for the better can come about until this system is overthrown.

2) Many different groups will protest and rebel against things this system does, and these protests and rebellions should be supported and strengthened. Yet it is only those with nothing to lose but their chains who can be the backbone of a struggle to actually overthrow this system and create a new system that will put an end to exploitation and help pave the way to a whole new world.

3) Such a revolutionary struggle is possible. There is a political Party that can lead such a struggle, a political Party that speaks and acts for those with nothing to lose but their chains: The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA.

Remember, they're just your friendly neighborhood communists.

As a side note, some of you might have caught someone carrying an American flag in the background. No, your eyes weren't fooling you -- the person was flying the flag upside down:

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