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'Security Concerns': Wisconsin Legislature Forced to Adjourn Over Protester Dangers


"It is only a matter of time."

Wisconsin Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald reportedly moved to adjourn the Assembly Friday evening after Gov. Scott Walker urged caucus and staff members to leave the building in fear for their safety as protesters continued to march at the capitol building.

Fitzgerald told WisPolitics about Walker's request after the Assembly ended a tense, 30-minute floor session.

"As the Republicans made moves to pass the controversial budget repair bill without Dem participation, a throng of thousands of protesters outside the chamber grew louder and louder," the blog site writes. "There have been reports of threats against lawmakers throughout the week, and Fitzgerald was escorted out of the building by sheriff deputies."

Nevertheless, the Republican legislators reaffirmed their commitment to pass the controversial budget measure next week.

"The leadership of the Assembly has decided to recess due to security concerns. We will reconvene on Tuesday morning and are confident that the security concerns will no longer exist. We are committed as ever to pass Governor Walker’s Budget Repair Bill and will do so next week," the statement reads. "Millions of taxpayers spoke in November and we will not let them down. We have a fiscal crisis that can’t be ignored. We have the votes to pass the bill; it is only a matter of time."

In the meantime, rumors are swirling that tea party activists are circulating recall petitions to oust absent Democrats who fled the state to avoid a vote.

Daniel Hunt of Kenosha announced that a group to recall Sen. Robert Wirch of Pleasant Prairie would file papers with the Government Accountability Board next week.

“We need to inform Robert Wirch that his hiding in Illinois is unacceptable to the voters in his district, and that we are taking the first steps to remove him from office," Hunt said in a statement.

Meanwhile, an Eagle River-based group said it expected to file with the GAB by the close of business today. The group's statement alleges Holperin "has failed to carry out his official duties in the state Senate," and committee leader Kim Simac said activists would evaluate the recall effort over the weekend.

Both groups touted the abilities of local Tea Party groups to "mobilize thousands of people quickly and effectively."

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