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Andrea Mitchell Fails In Blamestorming Battle With Rumsfeld


With a #1 NY Times Bestseller in hand, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has bounded from talk show to talk show this past week, regaling hosts with some of the stories he shares inside the pages of Known and Unknown:A Memoir.   For the most part, all along his press travels Mr. Rumsfeld has encountered respectful and professional hosts, for example, David Letterman:

Today Mr. Rumsfeld stopped by MSNBC's studios to be interviewed by Andrea Mitchell.  Ms. Mitchell acknowledges this is an interview about Rumsfeld's new memoir, but immediately and unsuccessfully launches into an effort to blame the current troubles with Libya and Qaddafi on the former Secretary and his old boss, George W. Bush;

Point Rumsfeld.

However, Ms. Mitchell was not swayed, she was going to entrap Donald Rumsfeld in his own words, especially on the topic of Iraq: (btw - all of these video links have similar thumbnails, but are very different)

Mitchell continues to fire and miss, this time attempting to drag the issue of WMD intelligence and Colin Powell into the fray:

Fail, fail, fail and fail.

And we wrap with Andrea Mitchell alleging there was a Dick Cheney/Donald Rumsfeld "Axis" working against Condi Rice:

Secretary Rumsfeld graciously endures the partisan attacks of Ms. Mitchell using the facts, eye-witness accounts, and supported by memos that he has posted on his website,  a site that might have served as terrific pre-interview prep for the show's producers.  The time saved avoiding this wild goose chase might have offered more opportunities for the MSNBC audience to learn about the personal experiences of a man who has served his country inside the White House and the Pentagon during great moments in the life of our country.

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