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Angry Hockey Coach Strips, Throws His Clothes on the Ice in Protest


This is a picture of Colorado Eagles Assistant Coach Greg Pankewicz (of the CHL) when he's not stripping his clothes off and throwing them on the ice during an angry tirade against the referees officiating his team's hockey game:

This is a picture of him after he has stripped and thrown said clothes on the ice:

This is the video of how it all happened:

And this is the explanation from SportsGrid:

The best way to make one’s point during a minor league hockey game, of course, is to get immediately naked. So Pankewicz started with the tie, then, when that didn’t get the desired effect, he moved onto his suit jacket. When the referee still failed to see it his way, Pankewicz had no choice but to take off his shirt. He, of course, was ejected, thankfully before he had time to take off his pants (but not before he had time to throw his loafers!).

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