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Scary TV Moment: Man Jumps Barricade During 'Today' Show


"I'm God's gift to music!"

There was a scary moment during Tuesday morning's 'Today' show. While hosts Al Roker, Meredith Vieira, and Willie Geist were giving the news round up for the 8 o'clock hour outside on Rockefeller Plaza, a man launched himself over the metal barricade and reportedly shouted, "I'm God's gift to music!" As that happened, Vieira screamed out, "Oh, Jesus!"

While the camera had already cut away to some pre-recorded images, the audio was still rolling. You can hear it below, as well as watch the hosts -- who seemed legitimately shaken -- discuss the incident after they came inside:

According to the New York Post, the barricade-jumper is a 33-year-old Brooklyn man who was arrested at the scene.

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