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Obvious Hatred': FreedomWorks Activist Describes Attack to Beck


"It was kind of bizarre."

Tabitha Hale

Yesterday we brought you video of a young FreedomWorks employee being attacked by a protester outside the group's office. The video shows the protester, in a heated debate with a young man, turn his frustration on the woman recording the exchange, snarl, and whack her. The attack knocked the woman's camera to the ground.

(See video of the attack here.)

Today, the young videographer joined Glenn Beck on radio to describe exactly what happened. That woman is Tabitha Hale, director of new media at FreedomWorks. She explained to Beck that while the man did not closed-fist punch her, he did "grab" her arm and fomented a "lot of hostility."

"He swatted my phone out of my hand, threw it on the ground and...swatted me with his sign," she said. "It was kind of bizarre. ... There was this very obvious hatred":

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