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FOK NEWS CHANNEL: Keith Olbermann's New Website Is Now Live!


"Friends of Keith..."

Keith Olbermann, the dethroned liberal that conservatives love to hate, is making a comeback--or, at least, he thinks he is. Last night, he launched his new website FOK NEWS CHANNEL. Get it? It's supposed to sound like FOX news! But it's also supposed to sound like a bad word!

Fear not: Olbermann's wit does not end there. Here is his explanation of what FOX NEWS--er, FOK NEWS--is about:

Three-time Murrow-Award Winner Keith Olbermann is the “K” in “Friends Of Keith” and “Friends Of Keith” is the FOK in the not-for-profit FOKNewsChannel, which is the blog you’re now reading in case you’ve already forgotten. Keith is also the Chief News Officer of Current Media, the online presence and tv network co-founded by former Vice President Al Gore. His new nightly 8 PM news and commentary program on Current TV begins late this spring.

So far, the "Friends of Keith" network is just a community of one: Keith Olbermann himself. Let's hope that this doesn't turn into a dating website.

The FOK website consists of three blog posts that Olbermann wrote.  His first post is a take off of his "worst person of the world" segment from TV. And in another blog post, he tries delivers "snappy answers to stupid headlines." Tries. The thing about snappy answers is that they should be, well, snappy. Here's one "stupid headline"--CHARLIE SHEEN: TWO AND A HALF MEN, 99 AND 44/100 PERCENT SANE--that Keith delivers a not-so-snappy response to:

Charlie knows, if you simply quit a show or a career you can no longer handle by retiring or resigning, Hollywood brands you evil and bans you forever. If you quit a show or a career you can no longerhandle by flaming out, shoplifting, speaking anti-somebody, and/or winding up in rehab, that they can forgive.

We wish Keith and his FOKERS the best of luck in this new endeavor. We hope, and fully expect, that his site will provide us with some delicious material for our own site.

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