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Boehner's 'Non-Starter' 2 Week Temporary Budget Proposal is Now Claimed By DEMS


The potential of a government shutdown that was often discussed on one cable network ending in 'NBC' appears to be easing as Speaker Boehner's proposal of a two-week, short term budget that would allow the government to still operate as lawmakers continue discussions seems to have gained a foothold in the Senate.  This is very odd to me as I recall Democrat/Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid initially thumbing his nose at Boehner's idea:

"The Republicans' so-called compromise is nothing more than the same extreme package the House already handed the Senate, just with a different bow. This isn't a compromise, it's a hardening of their original position. This bill would simply be a two-week version of the reckless measure the House passed last weekend. It would impose the same spending levels in the short term as their initial proposal does in the long term, and it isn't going to fool anyone. Both proposals are non-starters in the Senate."

Reid's words.  Just days ago he called the two-week idea a non-starter.  Today it seems that Reid has not only accepted the idea, but is claiming it.  In a statement released from Senator Reid's office, from spokesperson Jon Summers:

"The plan Republicans are floating today sounds like a modified version of what Democrats were talking about. We’re glad they think it’s a good idea.”

A tip of the cap to Majority Leader Eric Cantor's blog titled, 'Flipping With Senator Reid\

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