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Chivalry is Dead: VA Boy Suspended for Opening Door at School


""We are very protective of our teenagers..."

A middle school student has been suspended in Southampton, VA for disobeying a school policy meant to keep kids safe. So what did the boy do that warranted such discipline? He opened a door for someone:

From WTKR:

A local middle school student held open a door at school, reportedly because someone had their hands full. But after that, the student was suspended.

All schools in Southampton County have tight security at the front door, and students are told not to open the door for anyone. But Superintendent Charles Turner tells NewsChannel 3 that the rule was disobeyed when the student opened the door for the woman with her hands full.

The school system recently spent thousands of dollars upgrading door security at all of its schools. [...]

"We are very protective of our teenagers and it allows us to make sure that the people coming in to the door come into the office for help," Principal Allene Atkinson says, "Parents have been overwhelmingly supportive of this system because our whole objective is to ensure that our children are safe."

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