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Morning Joe' Shocker: Former Democratic DC Mayor Supports Gov. Walker's Tactics


"These collective bargaining agreements are completely outdated."

You know there were stares of disbelief around the studio this morning as former Washington DC Mayor Adrian Fenty made this statement on MSNBC's "Morning Joe:"

What did he just say?


That comment was the last of several surprising thoughts from Fenty in a segment about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and how his poll numbers were falling in the wake of the prolonged stand off in Madison.  Fenty delivered a rather honest personal assessment of the situation,  speaking from the perspective of a former big city mayor charged with similar administrative challenges as Walker:

(Note: despite the image, it's not the same clip as above)

Morning Mika was beside herself.  She could not believe that this Democrat was supporting Walker.  And so she pressed a little harder, unsuccessfully trying to bring the clear-thinking ex-mayor over to her side:

(Note: again, different clip)

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