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MSNBC Host Refuses to Read Own 'Facts' & Name 'Black Separatists' as Hate Group

MSNBC Host Refuses to Read Own 'Facts' & Name 'Black Separatists' as Hate Group

"...that doesn't make any sense."

The video is almost too incredible to believe it actually exists. It does.

During a segment on his show "MSNBC Live" Monday, host Cenk Uygur decided to go on a tirade against New York Congressman Peter King for his hearings on radical Islam. During the segment, Uygur wanted to "introduce some real facts here," and pulled up a chart showing the top hate groups in the country. Before reading it told his audience they were all "on the extreme right." He quickly listed the top two groups, but when he got to the third one, his jaw audibly hit the floor. I'll let Mediaite's Frances Martel take over from here:

“Topping the list,” he began, “[are] the Ku Klux Klan with 221 groups. They are followed with Neo-Nazi groups with 170 groups, and”– at this point Uygur stops for a beat, before ending the list with “that doesn’t make any sense.” What doesn’t make any sense? That the third largest hate group contingent in America are black separatist groups. Not exactly the first type of political group conjured up by the phrase “right-wing,” unless Uygur was willing to argue that the social conservatism often found in black separatist groups somehow made them right-wing or some other similarly stretched-out argument. Of course, the socially conservative black separatist groups on the SPLC’s list mostly appear to be chapters of the Nation of Islam, and slamming them would not exactly strengthen Uygur’s argument that focusing on Islamic groups is a waste. [Emphasis added]

Yes, you read that right, but let it sink in for a second. Uygur tried to claim that all the rising hate groups were on the right, and when presented with facts from his own chart that said otherwise, refused to read those facts. And the kicker, as Martel points out, is that that the "black separatist groups" are mainly comprised of Nation of Islam chapters. Wow. And yet Uygur still thinks King's hearings are a "waste of time."

You can watch the mind-blowing segment below:

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