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Transvest-Fight: Cross-Dressers Brawl at San Diego Taco Shop


"...arguing over whose bodies were better."

Earlier today you saw a fight break out at a Los Angeles Taco shop between a couple guys. Now video has surfaced of a group of transvestites doing the same thing at a San Diego taco joint. Insert the obligatory, "you can't make this stuff up" comment here. KTLA has the footage:

The station reports:

It happened at La Fuente, in the San Diego suburb of Hillcrest.

Witnesses say a group of men dressed as women began arguing over whose bodies were better.

Then, in very unladylike fashion, tables and chairs, along with wigs and high heels, started to fly.

The video was posted on YouTube, and has drawn thousands of hits.

Police broke up the fight, but made no arrests.

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