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Milwaukee Wisc. is Most Segregated U.S. City, and Other Quirky Census Facts


Guess the richest American community.

The number crunchers have been busy making heads and tails out of the the 2010 census figures--and some interesting figures have emerged.

Namely: Milwaukee is the most segregated U.S. city. People who live in Washington DC make wayyy more money than the rest of us suckers. And Detroit residents are itching to leave the Motor City.

So how segregated is Milwaukee? Here is a visual to help:

Milwaukee shares the infamous distinction of being one of America's most segregated cities by such urban centers as New York, LA, Philly, and Detroit.

Here's the list of America's top ten segregated cities:

1. Milwaukee

2. New York

3. Chicago

4. Detroit

5. Cleveland

6. Buffalo

7. St. Louis

8. Cincinnati

9. Philadelphia

10. Los Angeles

And while we're talking about troubled American cities, the two U.S. city that experienced greatest rate of population decline were New Orleans and Detroit:

And the final stand out fact is this: when you look at average personal income by state, the numbers aren't too surprising. States like Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey top the list, with average personal incomes in the $50k range. Meanwhile, Mississippi comes in last--and West Virginia and Idaho are near the bottom as well, with incomes in the 30k range.

But when you look at the list closer, you'll see that the figure for the District of Columbia, our nation's capitol, at the very bottom--and that's not because average personal income there is lowest. On the contrary: DC blows all the states out of the water. Its average personal income is $71, 044. That's about 15k higher than Connecticut's $56k, and $30k higher  than the national average of about $40k.

There are other fun census facts over at Buzzfeed.

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