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More!' Spectators Cheer as Teen Girls Brawl in Woods


"They just want to fight me."

One of the girls is calling it the culmination of teen bullying. But whatever one wants to call it, it's clear the video is shocking. Not just for the violence it features, but also for the goading and celebration heard in the background.

The video was reportedly taken last week, and features two Seattle-area teen girls brutally beating each other in a wooded area as friends cheer.

"Oh, (expletive), that was a good hit to the (expletive) temple! Dude, that must've hurt!" one spectator is heard saying.

"Yeah, one-punch knockout! That's what I say!" said another.

The video was posted on YouTube, but was later removed. KOMO-TV has excerpts, and reports on the incident:

According to KOMO, the girl in the pink shirt is 13-year-old Sierra Spencer, whose mother said has been the victim of bullying, and whose face was so swollen she didn't attend classes on Monday:

"They just want to fight me," she said, adding the video clip circulating on the Web is just the latest in a series.

Her mother said Spencer has been bullied so much she made her switch schools and, at one point, even tried home schooling her.

"It's just upsetting to me that this can go on, and that there's essentially been no accountability," said mother Kenis Watson.

But this time, Spencer willingly showed up at a wooded area off campus, ready to fight.

"It's not that big of a deal to me, even though it is," she said.

Marysville School Superintendent Larry Nayland says the district has identified the students who stood by and watched the fight, and plans to address bullying and spectator fights at the schools.

Police are also reportedly looking into the incident to see if charges are appropriate. The school said it has a "plan" for the girls.

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