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Olbermann Uses Coulter-Founded Paper to Mop Stage During Speech


"It absorbs more than Ann does!"

Keith Olbermann returned to his alma mater this week to share his wisdom with the current drop of Cornell Students.

During the 42-minute question and answer portion of the program, Olbermann channeled his inner Gallagher:

Olbermann also took repeated jabs at conservative Ann Coulter, who founded the Cornell Review, a Republican paper on campus.

During a question-and-answer period with the audience, a student handed him a copy of the Cornell Review and he quickly crinkled it and threw it on the floor, pouring water over it and then wiping it up with the paper.

Cornell Insider:

The Cornell Republicans, who will be hosting Karl Rove on April 13th were also at the event and their very brave Vice Chairman, Adam Woodward ’11, took on Olbermann’s immaturity and inability to debate the right. The response he got validated his point and had even the most liberal Olby groupies cringing.

Later in the q&a Olbermann did address his stomping of the Cornell Insider:

Bonus -- the Insider did manage to get some video of Olbermann's non-green ride for the night:

We snagged a video of the stretch limo waiting to greet Keith outside of Bailey, which, by the way, was running in all its carbon emitting, gas guzzling glory with the host nowhere near ready to leave, and quickly asked the chauffeur about the gas mileage.  As you can see after the jump, he replied “14 MPG” and confirmed that the whip was indeed Keith’s ride for the evening.  While the lavish limo may score Keith some points with Xzibit and the crew at West Coast Customs, we can only imagine what his new boss at Current TV, global warming crusader and Not-President Al Gore, would think.

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