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Alleged Libyan Rape Victim Tells All to Anderson Cooper: 'My Life is in Danger


"They have threatened me with death."

If you believe Iman al-Obeidi's story, it's one of the most heartbreaking you'll hear. According to her, she was tortured and raped by pro-Gadhafi forces in Libya. Then, when she told the world what happened during an impromptu interview, she was whisked away and told to retract he story. When she didn't, she was called a traitor. And now, she says, she fears for her life.

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(Are Iman's alleged attackers now making her the victim again?)

"My life is in danger, and I call on all human rights organization ... to expose the truth and to let me leave now. I am being held hostage here," al-Obeidi told Cooper in a TV interview via telephone. "They have threatened me with death and told me I will never leave prison again, if I go to the journalists or tell them anything about what's happening in Tripoli."

CNN reports:

Al-Obeidy said she spent 72 hours under interrogation after being dragged away from the Tripoli hotel where she tried to tell journalists about her alleged abuse.

Interrogators poured water on her face and threw food at her during the relentless questioning, which ended only after she was examined by a doctor to prove she had been raped, al-Obeidy said. "And when the test came, it verified that I was raped and tortured ... then I was freed." [...]

She said that when she tries to leave the house, officials chase her down and take her to a police station. But police don't know what to do with her since she is not charged with a crime, and she is released.

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