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Guess the Happiest State in the Union. How About the Kinkiest? Most Virginal?


West Virginia and New Mexico are home to the kinkiest Americans.

The happiest state in the union is the former home of Aretha Franklin, Justin Timberlake, and Andrew Jackson.

That's right, residents of Tennessee are full of smiles--at least according to twitter.

According to Cambridge University PhD student Alex Davies, residents of Tennessee are happier than natives of any other states – if their Twitter feeds are anything to go by, that is.

Mr Davies analysed the use of happiness-related words such as ‘nice’ and ‘best’ and found that Tennessean tweets were littered with positive language....

The roots of Tennessee residents’ happiness is difficult to judge from Mr Davies’ research, as the most frequently-used positive Twitter terms include ‘happy’, ‘love’ and ‘thanks’ – rather than something more specific such as a lottery win or sporting victory.

Their sadness is easier to explain, however, with references to illness, the music of Adele and, strangely, ‘burgers’.

Colorado came second--followed by North Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Interesting: southeastern states seem to be the happiest. Could warmer climates and proximity to the coast encourage people to express themselves on twitter more merrily? Perhaps.

Meanwhile, the home of Harry Reid--Nevada--ranked dead last in happiness.

Another interesting tidbit from the study:

While Louisiana and New York City are home to the most female and male virgins, respectively, residents of western California,  West Virginia and New Mexico are the kinkiest Americans.

The entire state of Wyoming, however, is the least kinky, with men and women using the least racy language in their dating profiles.

The findings are part of DuBois' series 'A More Perfect Union', which is organised according to similar parameters as the U.S. Census, with dating profiles arranged into congressional districts and analysed.

The maps are intended to create a 'romantic atlas' of the U.S., with some showing how four different adjectives - 'kinky', 'shy', 'funny' and 'lonely' are spread across the nation among men and women.

DuBois also drew up state and city maps with place names replaced by keywords from dating profiles - his map of Massachusetts features the words 'Obsessed', 'Elephants' and 'Bugaboo', among others.

Here's a video on DuBois' study contents.

R. Luke DuBois: A More Perfect Union from H. Paul Moon on Vimeo.

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