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Chris Matthews Congratulates Media Matters, Himself for Beck Transition


"This isn't a point of view, this is crazy."

When Glenn Beck announced yesterday that he would be transitioning off his daily Fox TV show, you knew MSNBC started salivating. And so it's probably no surprise that MSNBC host Chris Matthews devoted a whole segment to the Beck story. Heck, he even invited a guest -- the leader of the anti-Beck brigade and Media Matters president David Brock.

Matthews decided to play some clips of Beck and then rehash the same things he's been saying for the last two years, mainly that Beck is crazy, insane, and a race-baiter. Brock agreed. The two even agreed this is a "victory for civil discourse."

The funniest part of the clip, though, was when Matthews stroked Brock's ego by congratulating him for a "successful campaign" against Beck. Brock, naturally, basked in the glory. Still, Matthews couldn't let Brock take all the credit: "You weren't alone on that. I was with you and a lot of people thought it was a good idea to end this."

But maybe the two forgot one key thing: Beck isn't off the air. Not only will he continue his daily show for some time, but he'll also be doing specials for Fox.

The entire segment is below:

Matthews then went on a tirade against the paranoid people of the world:

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